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DVA Projects specializes in artistic endeavors and art direction. We prioritize robust project management, meticulous art direction, and the creation of stunning illustrations and graphics.

At DVA Projects, you can access comprehensive services ranging from illustrations to complete art direction and project management. Rest assured, our streamlined communication ensures clarity and minimizes the risk of miscommunication. Additionally, you can trust us to deliver original work, free from plagiarism, and to uphold our commitment to integrity, avoiding AI-generated images and scams.

What to expect

Think of a story tucked away in your head, ready to come out. A bunch of written information here and there. A myriad of artists coming and going for a multitude of reasons. Art is everywhere, but only part of it is named. A website partially built and abandoned. Outdated information, changing storylines, and social media channels that didn’t see a post for many months.

Sounds familiar? Maybe your project is for the gaming industry or another creative project, but regardless: That is where I could come in to organize everything, get the right info at the right places for you at the right time, and help to manage the creative people working in your team to get to the best possible outcome with as little as possible stress or delays.

While you might not be in a hurry at the moment, having someone reliable and up-to-date to rely on when your project gains momentum is crucial. Your project could also be on a larger scale. In any case, feel free to reach out to DVA Projects without hesitation!

What we need from you

A bit of your time. To get started we will need to be briefed about our exact assignments, where the project is at, who you work with, what positions are vacant, and what problems you are facing within your project. Depending on your preferences we can do that through mail or voice chat.

Based on our experience, launching a project and gaining momentum typically requires time. The duration largely hinges on your current progress and the scale of the project. Initially, we’ll need to meet frequently, typically on a weekly basis, to assess all aspects. As time progresses, a rhythm will emerge, leading to a notable reduction in your workload.

The ultimate objective is to reach a stage where you can focus on your core strengths, and our interactions become less frequent, mainly for determining next steps, sharing updates, and addressing any issues.

When a creative project experiences rapid growth, having someone to organize and coordinate tasks, as well as channel information to the appropriate sources, can be invaluable. This could involve liaising with various artists, web developers, publishers, and other team members. However, even for small or nascent projects, such assistance can prove beneficial. It’s worth noting that hiring DVA Projects doesn’t mandate the involvement of multiple individuals on your project; all that’s necessary is a project requiring creativity and potentially organizational support.

Case study

It’s challenging to provide an exact number of hours as it heavily depends on factors such as the project’s size, pace, and current stage. However, to provide an estimate, for a project with the specifications described below, progressing at an average to fairly high speed, you can anticipate requiring my assistance for approximately 30-60 hours in the initial month. Subsequently, as the project gains momentum, this workload is expected to decrease to about 1/4th to 1/3rd of the total workload.

    • Getting to know and directing 4-7 artists.
    • Sifting through available art, figuring out who is who or what is what, and organizing that.
    • Giving feedback, directing, and providing resources for building a website.
    • Creating priority lists for art and other resources (like for example character descriptions).
    • Branding for the available art and website (Think of logos, banners, and art backdrops like you see here to the right).
    • Getting together to evaluate the course the project is taking.
    • Branding for social media and press.
    • Getting familiar with the relevant storyline.

Branding for the Modihu Chronicles. Background (map) by Timotheé Mathon, art and framing/branding by DVA Projects.

Certainly, we’re flexible and open to alternative arrangements beyond a time-based schedule. Within reason, we can adapt to a budget-based approach with monthly payments. This means that one month we might allocate resources to working on multiple artworks and a website with a team, possibly extending beyond regular hours, while the next month I might handle tasks solo for only a few hours. Alternatively, we could pause progress for the remainder of a month once we reach a predetermined budget limit. However, I strongly advise against keeping DVA Projects out of the loop for more than one month while the project is ongoing, as maintaining momentum is crucial for success. This is even more crucial when Social Media is involved.


Feel free to reach out to us at any time. Whether you’re considering us for your project or simply want to check our availability, we’re here to assist you. At DVA Projects, prioritizing a positive experience for all involved is paramount, and reaching out early in the process can be highly beneficial. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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