Creatures and characters

Creature and character designs

Looking for a mascotte? In need of telling a visual story? Or maybe you have a great idea in your head that needs to come out?
You are at the right place at DVA Projects. Here, legends are made.

  • A mascotte to run amok, not only on your screen, but also in your streets and buildings.
  • Bring history back to life though storytelling and mascottes.
  • A friend for your pupils or child to aid in their learning.
  • Have a mascotte cheer on your sports team.
  • And so much more!

Background information

Creature and character design is as much my specialization as my realistic style is. I’m very familiar with anatomy, environments, and behavior of different species in the animal kingdom, and beside that, that of human beings as well. This makes me capable of drawing interesting and believable creatures as well as draw characters, anthromorphs, hybrids, and anything in-between. This while also keeping in mind their environment and/or culture.
They can be developed in one of 3 styles:

  • My signature realistic style, fully rendereed like many images displayed below.
  • Spudnik and Knofje style (Click for the portfolio)
  • Anime style, clean minimalistic style known from anime series.