Offered services

What DVA projects has to offer as art director

DVA Projects has been synonymous with quality and the right solutions for your project needs since 2017. Our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to your unique requirements make us the ideal partner for your projects. When your project demands quality, professionalism, and a personal touch, you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on understanding the nuances of each project, ensuring that every detail is meticulously handled and that your vision is brought to life with precision and care. Whether you are embarking on a new venture or seeking to enhance an existing project, DVA Projects is here to support you every step of the way.

Our Expertise

With the extensive experience of DVA Projects, we offer a broad range of ever-expanding services. Whether it’s managing a full team of creatives and specialists like custom coders for websites, collaborating with your team, or working independently, we are equipped to bring your plans to fruition.

Our Commitment

At DVA Projects, your visions and deadlines are paramount. Equally important to us is infusing your project with a unique and personal flair, ensuring it stands out above the rest. Regardless of your project’s scope, DVA Projects guarantees quality and efficiency.

Our Network

We collaborate with a diverse network of freelancers with various specialties. Most of these specialties are listed as well as ‘outsourced.’ If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask! It’s highly likely that DVA Projects can assist you. All inquiries are managed by DVA Projects and its owner, Tessa Geniets, acting as the art director and/or project manager. This streamlined approach means you won’t have to deal with multiple contacts, leading to a better final product and saving you time.

Other services

Not in need of a project manager or art director? Feel free to contact us for any of the services listed below.

Offered services (in house)

  • Art Director and Project Manager: Proficient in overseeing projects and directing artistic vision.
  • Software Expertise: Skilled in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.
  • Illustration and Concept Art: Specializes in creature designs (fantastical and anatomically accurate), humans, anthropomorphs, and props.
  • WordPress Management: Capable of managing and updating WordPress sites.
  • Social Media Management: Familiar with various social media channels for effective outreach.
  • Collaborative Tools: Experienced in using collaborative programs like Evernote, Asana, and
  • Video Editing: Proficient in video editing using HitFilm Express.
  • Platform Familiarity: Worked with platforms such as YouTube, Patreon, and Kickstarter.
  • Graphic Design: Skilled in creating books, flyers, posters, etc.
  • Corporate Identity Development: Able to develop and apply corporate identities.
  • Photo Editing and Photography: Experienced in photo-editing and photography.
  • Marketing: Knowledgeable in marketing strategies and implementation.
  • And More: Versatile and capable of handling various other tasks as needed

Credentials in-house services

  • Private mentorschip with Disney illustrator and animator Adam Duff (Lucidpixul)
  • Studied HBO Business administration and management
  • T-shaped specialist
  • Degree in general business administration level 5
  • Degree in middle-management level 5
  • Degree in project management
  • Degree in corporate strategy
  • Studied with Evenant Design
  • Studied Graphic Design
  • Involved with multiple business startups
  • Involved with/(co)owning multiple projects

Outsources services

  • Book covers.
  • Animating illustrations with special effects (glow, particles, etc).
  • Landscape and environmental art.
  • Tech and mech illustrations.
  • Cartograpy.
  • Custom coding of (parts of) a website.
  • Marketing, in some cases.

How the outsourced services work

When needed, DVA Projects only works with professionals, which is part of the reason why the services from DVA Projects can be as broad and efficient as they are. These professionals are all freelancers, which means that they don’t work for Tez Art & Design, but help out as their own entity. These people are carefully selected by the quality and service they consistently deliver.

All enquiries will run through me as a freelancing art director or project manager, so direct contact with these people is not required. They are familiar with the way I usually run projects, and with my experience in the field I can efficiently communicate your needs with the team.

The only thing you will need to do is fulfill the payments whenever necessary as I only function as your in-between.

Why work with DVA associates?

  • Guaranteed no AI generated images.
  • Avoid scams entirely.
  • Always original works that can be licensed.
  • No need to search for reliable people.
  • People are who they say they are.
  • High quality customizable work.
  • Broad knowledge and experience.
  • Flexibilty because things can be outsourced when there is a tight deadline.

What if I want to work with my own team?

This is no problem at all. However, the initial phase may take longer as DVA Projects will need to familiarize itself with your team and their individual workflows, just as they will need to become acquainted with ours. DVA Projects maintains a standard of professionalism, emphasizing respectful interaction among team members and quality and dedication to the tasks at hand. We’ll thoroughly discuss these expectations during our first meeting.