Best of Bussum

Case overview

“Best of Bussum” was initiated by a marketer during the COVID-19 pandemic to support the town’s economy during lockdown. After the project’s end, it fell into disuse. In 2024, local shop owners and their foundation decided to revive and rebrand it, aiming to rejuvenate the struggling commercial center and reconnect customers with businesses throughout social media and events. DVA Projects was hired to help develop this concept, leveraging the dormant “Best of Bussum” brand to breathe new life into the town’s economy.

This project takes place in the hometown of DVA Projects owner Tessa Geniets, making it especially meaningful to her. “Best of Bussum” features various sub-projects, including numerous events. The largest event is “Spring is in the Air,” along with celebrations for Christmas, Sinterklaas, Valentine’s Day, and other local and commercial events.