Terms and conditions Projects

Terms and conditions for projects

These are the terms and conditions for projects and art directory.
If art and/or graphic design is involved, also consult the dedicated terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

  • All the terms and conditions apply to every quote and agreement.
  • Parts of the terms and conditions may be waived or adjusted, this can only be done in writing.
  • Quotes are non-binding and stay valid for 30 days.
  • DVA Projects is allowed to outsource work where needed. This will always be discussed.
  • There are no hard deadlines, there are however target dates. This is to ensure that DVA Projects can deliver the best results.
  • It is understood that DVA Projects is a freelancer, and any other parties involved or recommended are not hired by DVA Projects.
  • Any personal and/or sensitive information will be handled confidentially.


  • Payments for projects are usually paid on a monthly basis within 14 days of the invoice date.
  • If payment isn’t received in time, 15% collection fees will be added every month.
  • Projects that are budget-based will be paid 50% up-front and 50% at the end of the project. These are smaller projects, or projects that consist out of multiple sub-projects that are charged per sub-project.
  • Prices are always without tax. If you live outside of the EU, prices are without tax as well, however, tax won’t be charged.

Cancellation and refund policy

  • When a payment occurs up-front, the buyer is not allowed a refund once the project has been started.
  • If for any reason DVA Projects is not capable of starting with your project, you will receive a full refund if payment up-front occurred. This does not include outsourced work, as other freelancers may have different policies. See ‘working with 3rd parties’ below.
  • When payment doesn’t occur for projects that have a set price or are budget-based upon completing a project or month, the final product won’t be delivered until payment is fulfilled.
  • When payments for time-based projects aren’t paid, (every month) the project will be, within its legal limits, frozen until payment occurs.
  • If payment doesn’t occur after 3 months, existing unpaid work or products may be used for other projects. This does not include intellectual properties and sensitive or personal information. These will always stay yours and will be handled confidentially.


  • DVA Projects cannot be held accountable for missed deadlines when the client or any other involved parties don’t provide the required resources in time, or last minute changes occur.
  • DVA Projects cannot be held accountable for direct or indirect damages, such as consequential damages, delay damages, fines, lost profits, missed financial savings, deteriorated goodwill, reputation damage, cyberdamage and immaterial damage.
  • It is understood that projects have a target date, but not a hard deadline.
  • The client is responsible for fact-checking any delivered work before publication.

Working with 3rd parties

  • DVA Projects is a freelance company that works solely with other freelancers. Each and every freelancer that is recommended has its own policies which you will be made aware of. Although the intention of DVA Projects is to reduce the risks taken by the client by only recommending reliable and professional freelancers in the creative world-wide market, it is not responsible for potential failure of completing the work in any way, shape, or form, or any potential misbehavior or unprofessionalism.
  • DVA Projects is not responsible for payment of 3rd parties. This is the responsibility of the client.