November 29, 2022

Cell shading designs

Cell shading is often referred to as anime style. As I once started drawing characters and creatures from anime series, this style is still part of my workflow for my full renders. However, it’s more refined than what you will see in my concepts. So what you will be getting is a slimmed-down anime-rendered budget version of my realistic work.

Many people choose this style because they really like it. Others go for it because they cannot afford a full render but want the art of their characters or creatures regardless and this is a really good solution. An added benefit is that, if you at some point want a full render, we can take the old illustration and render it realistically. 75% of the price you already paid for the cell shading version will be discounted from the realistic render price.

No matter your motivation, it all comes down to taste. Just let your taste for style decide whether or not this is for you!

For priced examples, look here.
Want to see more realistic renders? Look here.
If you want to know how the concepts will be presented to you: Look here.