August 15, 2022

How the concepts will be presented

Workflow and concepts

A concept is an in-between stage that draws out ideas for approval. This helps us to get onto the right track and in the right mindset, and makes sure you will get the best results possible. This requires some collaboration from both sides. You don’t need to take me by the hand, you just have to allow me to get in your head a bit. The concepting phases will help me do so.


More often than not the pose is already clear, but if this is not the case, or it could use improvement, you will receive a sketch to determine or improve the pose. When this is approved we go to the next stage. If the pose was already clear from the start: This will be the first concept instead.

This example is of a pet portrait, the original photo was slightly turned. When the shapes were determined we decided that the angle was not ideal and turned the sketch a bit before continuing the coloring phase. If you commissioned a creature or character design, this phase may include up to 3 edits just to get the specific design right, such as clothes, armor, weapons etc. They will be sketched on before they’re colored or rendered.


The second phase will be the character or creature but in different color settings. The colors are carefully picked based on color theory combined with your description and my knowledge of creature design if that is what you hired me for. Where necessary I will also motivate those color schemes. You can however always combine different colors together from the different concepts, which will be 3 in total.

In this case, we’re talking about a black and white cat, which is obviously very straightforward. Little collaboration was needed in this particular case, but when it comes to character and fantasy creature designs. the matter is a bit more complex. This phase too may take up to 2 or 3 concepts, but usually when the illustration is complex, and the colors are not clear, I will make differently colored concepts to make the choice for you easier.

Rendering (the final result)

This is the phase where I will finish the artwork. Depending on the style you chose this is either cell shading or a realistic render. Either way: As soon as this phase starts there won’t be any major changes. This is to safeguard a good end result. However, minor changes, like changing the shape of the nose, the color of the eyes, or the edge of some fabric is no problem at all.

The background colors for this piece were carefully picked and discussed beforehand. As the background is always on its own layer, simple backgrounds like these can easily be changed in color.

For cell-shading designs, look here.
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