August 15, 2022

Priced examples

Priced examples

Welcome to the curious world of my illustrations and their prices. I always like to be as transparent as I can, so allow me to help you on your way.
The prices are based on an hourly rate, which explains the variety in the prices and is also why they are variable.

When we get started, we will discuss what you are looking for. This preferably includes reference images that fit your idea. Based on that and a chat and/or questionnaire we will land on a price within the corresponding price range. Higher complexity equals a higher price. So a character in simple cloth will naturally be cheaper than one heavily armored and wielding weapons.
The same counts for creatures. An eel-like creature without very distinct features will be cheaper than a fully armored four-legged creature with many details or geared up as a mount, for example.

If you want to know how the concepts will be presented to you: Look here.


Priced examples

Below are some priced examples paired with their descriptions.
The prices are based on the specific illustration. The price of your commission may be a bit different depending on its complexity. It’s just here to give you a solid guideline.

Please note that texts that may be on the images are only included if specified. Some images include a logo, a description, or a reference to a book or commissioner. Adding references costs nothing. Adding text neither, unless it’s a stylized illustration in which the text plays a very important role. If this is the case it will be specified in the description (click). It’s usually part of a frame or something along those lines.

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