This workflow applies to graphic design and illustrations alike, but may vary depending on the job details. You will be informed of any such variations at the onset, or during the development.

Step 1

The initial phase involves clarifying your needs. We’ll engage in discussions to understand your requirements, purpose, and precise specifications. This entails addressing queries such as: What color palette do you envision? Do you possess reference images? Are there any additional specifics you’d like to incorporate?

Further inquiries may include: What dimensions are you aiming for, and which file formats are necessary? Additionally, DVA Projects will communicate the official start date, as this may not always be immediate.

Subsequently, DVA Projects will compile a comprehensive summary via email, detailing the discussed points for your review and approval. This will be accompanied by the corresponding contract for your consideration.

Step 2

You can take your time to dig through the contract. Once you approved you send it back and you will be able to pay the first half of the commission or if you prefer to, you can pay in full. This invoice will be ready and waiting for you at your Paypal account, unless specified otherwise.
If payment occurs monthly, the project will start when the first payment is received.

Step 3

Feel free to take your time reviewing the contract. Once you’ve approved it, simply send it back, and you’ll have the option to either pay the first half of the commission or, if you prefer, pay in full. An invoice will be prepared and waiting for you in your PayPal account, unless you specify an alternative payment method.

If payments are scheduled monthly, the project will commence upon receipt of the first payment.

Step 4

Once we reach the final design stage, we’ll proceed to add flat colors. This step provides a rough representation of how the final image will appear, even if it’s not the ultimate product. For projects falling under graphic design, this stage may serve as the final step, contingent upon the complexity of the subject.

Step 5

If, at this stage, the graphics are not yet completed, similar to step 3, you will have two revisions. However, these revisions will also be considered final. This is due to the time-consuming nature of the detailing phase, which could compromise the end result if extensively edited once finished.

Step 6

DVA Projects will proceed with further work on the subject. This phase typically requires more time than previous stages. Upon completion, you will receive a low-quality, watermarked version of the final piece for review. At this stage, minor edits may be accommodated, although they are limited in scope.


Step 7

Once you approve the final version, we will conclude work on the subject. Upon receipt of the second half of the payment, the images will be delivered to you via WeTransfer.